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  • KW says:

    It’s a really good article. Thank you.

  • anonymous says:

    how can you say it wasnt caused by bad policing and ignorant administration. It took how many deaths for them to open there eyes. They let gangs from newark move in a flood our streets with dope. Housed federal inmates in monmouth county for government funding. Locking up high ranking gang members with local nobodies with nothing to do but expand there drug networks. Instead of drug addicts going to newark . . Newark has come to us while local police sat by handing out traffic tickets. Had the powers that be opened there eyes years ago heroin would not be as easy to find as a bag of weed. I completely blame law enforcement or lack there of for this epidemic

  • Mary says:

    @ anonymous- The point of the article is not to lay blame, it’s to address and acknowledge that there is a problem, how serious it is, what is being done to address it now and what can be done to address it in the future. It doesn’t really matter at this point what caused it, it’s here and it needs to be dealt with. There’s no point in starting an argument of “he said she said” about how the problem got here to begin with. I’m 39 years old, I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole entire life and I can tell you that a month after I graduated high school in 1993, all of a sudden groups of my friends started bringing little brown bags around with white powder that they told me was called smack. I walked away from them immediately and never looked back. A lot of them are dead now. I’m not. That was 21 years ago. So the law-enforcement that you are laying to blame for starting this problem are generally all retired now at this point anyway. Lets find solutions, not point fingers.

  • Katherine Basham says:

    Its terrible. Thank you. It took my son
    life. At only 24 yrs old. A intelligent, athletic, and kind person. He said once he should have never started. He never blamed anyone for his addiction.

  • CJ says:

    There are not enough in patient rehab facilities in that State of NJ. I am a case worker and I live and work in an extremely highly infested area of Monmouth County. I deal with the addicts every single day 6 days a week. When an addict comes to me and wants to go to an in patient rehab I personally make the admission call with them. When we are able to find a facility that is accepting new patient’s we are always told that there is a wait list. The wait list in most cases is 21 – 60 days . Which means that you can be placed on a wait list for a spot to open up, but there is no quarantee of how long you will be on that list, the time frame given is approximate. I called for someone in March and was told that there should be an opening in mid April, it’s now almost June and that person still does not have a spot. Sending them out of state is always an option, however by the time they come to me for help, they are almost always at rock bottom, homeless, jobless, friendless and no family support left due to the addiction and almost never do they have health insurance, which makes going out of state almost impossible. NJ must open and fund more in patient treatment facilities if we are ever going to get a handle on this epidemic.

  • Kenadee says:

    I buy my heroin in camden. It’s pretty good there.

    • Justin says:

      We understand Camden is one if the places NJ heroin users can buy what they need. However, if you would like any help at all in living clean and sober – please give us a call at 1-844-DIRTY-NJ. We will be happy to assist or point you in the right direction.

  • I am the administrator of a site at priligy generic cheap
    NJSIN = NJ Strength In Numbers
    Many resources. Please show your support

  • gotchips says:

    7yrs ago I was a heroin user. Used for 2yrs and always went to camden to get it cause it was so easy and more pure then trenton. The cops turn a blind eye on what goes on. You can’t tell me they don’t know who is selling. They are on every corner. People will try to sell you heroin with cops all around. Nothing has changed since I was using cause I was in Camden at the courthouse and when I went 6 different people tried to get me to buy heroin with cops all around.

  • DJ is our angel says:

    This was a good read and it is a damn shame this has became an epidemic. NARCAN I personally feel is giving an addict the ok to continue to be an addict. Also like it mentioned it maybe a waste if the person that can help you just leaves. For someone to write a post they go to Camden to get high cause it’s good there is like an advertisement and I think that disguisting and insulted to others who have lost family & friends to this battle. Heroine is a demon that is hard to battle, I get that but it’s also hard to forgive it too! That demon took away the man I chose to marry & have a child with. He was found on the horrible streets of Camden. I hate that place & I hate that drug

  • greg kimmet says:

    My 26 year old son died two weeks ago from a heroin overdose. We have been fighting his addiction for ten years. Five rehabs, countless therapists. And then his insurance runs out as he turned 26 and could no longer be on my family plan. No money….no help. Overdosed six times in the past year. The last was four weeks ago. The hospital wanted him in rehab….again. However, no insurance, no money… help. He was put out on the street to fight for himself. He fought and fought, but eventually gave in to it last year. Every waking minute of this past year was agony for him fighting. I am exhausted and angry. Always thought this was what happened to others….not my family.


  • Momjke3 says:

    Thank you for sharing all of this very important info. So many people have their heads in the sand about this! It is so bad out there. Even in the nicer suburbs of NJ! Eventually the denial will have to end….this problem is HUGE! It can happen to anyone. No family is immune! We need more programs for addicts & families…and more rehab centers. Insurance has to start covering this problem sooner! Later is sometimes…too late! Too many young lives over before they had a chance to find true happiness.

  • Heather says:

    I am an addict myself and this has been hard on me and my family, I wanted to say to all those who lost someone to this horrible disease I am very sorry and I pray for you all, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone I’ve been threw hell and back, I am still using today I still fight this battle everyday and I really pray to god that I don’t loose my life while fighting this battle and I wanna say thank you for all the love and support from people who understand this disease give us, thank you so very much and keep praying for the next suffering addict !

  • someone thats done it says:

    Heather good luck… I know u can do it… I’ve been clean for almost 5 months now it was really hard at first but I took it one day at a time… I always said I would never do it cause I lost so many people from it including my mom… But I did and it took me down a road I never thought I would go on… But I feel better than I ever have… I said so many times I wanted to stop but till I was really done with it I couldn’t stop so once u hit that point in ur life u won’t be able to but when ur truly ready and want to stop there is nothing that can stop u… And again good luck I know u can do it

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