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  • Tammy says:

    Thanks for the site it provides much more information to the family than juw5 a marketing tool. My brother is 35. He is college educated. Was two classes short of finishing an entire masters degree in social work. His joy always was in helping others. Now he has no job, no insurance, barely any money to subsist on. hE has been to about 10 treatment centers across the country. Both our parents are dead. Our family support is thinning in that no one knows what to do for him. His depression is pretty bad also. He knows where to go to for help. He just can’t stay focused long enough. He went to treatment in 7/11 and totalled 3 cars in 24 hours, went to jail for 6 weeks last summer and was vindicated on everything, and this time he is in the hospital from acute kidney failure and liver failure because of overdosing on Percocet. WE thouvhf hs az lsn Nx in March he overdosed twice in 24 hours. With no insurance should we still try to help him or just him go. hE’S IN THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW.

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