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  • johan says:

    Hi, I smoked dope for more than 35 years, I went the drug route in the late sixties and seventies and I have been sober for some years. I cannot say I am a Christian as this is not what I call myself, rather a believer in Jesus but I know all religions and in the end this is what I choose. I was registered as a writer a few months ago only because the Church in SA do not agree on my way of believing in God. I have been sober for some years now but drugs never go away, it is around every corner and it is so easy to slip up and so hard to stop again, I have been through that. Two of my books are published and is out in December, one is my drug invested life and the other one is how I see God, the devil, Pride and sin. I write a lot on No to legalizing of Marijuana and I am going to make it my life’s purpose to fight for that, my autobiography is dedicated to this and I aim to help Rehabs with the kids because I speak their language I know addiction to drugs. Feel free to use my comments on FB but I shall give you the details of my writings when it is out.

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