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From Newark and Camden, to Spring Lake and Basking Ridge there is no denying that drug addiction has reached epidemic levels in the Garden State. Our small group of New Jersey natives who are now clean and sober for multiple years know how it felt to be hopeless and like you can’t go on living that way. We are here to help, to share our experience, strength, and hope, and mainly to make it known that recovery is possible to all.

So why the name Dirty Jersey Recovery? The ‘dirty’ has to do with the grit or nitty gritty of surviving active addiction. But mainly it has to do with our pride and the fact that people started calling Jersey dirty–bet they never thought we would embrace it huh? Well! Here we are! Dirty, now clean and sober. As for the Jersey part, that is self-explanatory. That’s where we are from. Whether we live there now or we grew up there, we are representing our home state! And the recovery? Well we have recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body. We have recovered from addiction. We have made our way out of the nitty gritty. We are clean and sober, we are from Jersey, and we are proud of it!

Where to purchase priligy, Buy priligy sweden

Having been in a hopeless state, being able to call ourselves recovered means more than we can say. Today we have peace of mind and we are happy. The problem has been removed. We no longer obsess about using drugs or even drinking. We are free from the chains of addiction. This may sound impossible or even like a lie to the person who is still in active addiction. We are here to say it is possible, simple, and the only truth we know. It is part of the reason we have started Dirty Jersey Recovery.We came into recovery with nothing. A trash bag full of clothes, parents that wouldn’t talk to us, a shame and guilt that was heavy in our chest, a feeling like the world was coming to an end, the constant desire to avoid life, and the weight of the universe on our shoulders.And through the solution we have found, all of that has gone away. We live on our own, we have jobs, we are self-sufficient. Our parent’s and family invite us to dinner, they want our company. We have new friends, and the bonds we have with them can never be broken. We are happy, smiling; nearly weightless. We are free men and women. We are able to pursue dreams and goals and to be the people we always wished we could be.

We live life with grace, integrity, honest, and altruism. We see what we can offer the world, not what we can take from it. We have a purpose in life. We know why we’re here. And our lives have only gotten infinitely  better over time. Our lives continue to get better with every breathAnd that is the thing. We breathe easy, knowing that we don’t have to wake up withdrawing, searching, scrounging, stealing, lying or cheating to survive. We wake up blessed. We wake up driven, motivated, happy. And most importantly, we wake up sober.

And we started Dirty Jersey Recovery so  you can have all of this too.

"My life was a mess before I found Dirty Jersey Recovery. They gave me a way out. And stuck by me even when I thought I couldn't do it. Thank you so much. I am forever grateful for all the help."

− Justin M.

"You guys are promoting a real message of hope for an all too real problem many people face every day.. I dig it - Jersey Strong!"

− Kate F.

"I don't know where I would be without all of you guys at Dirty Jersey Recovery. My life has done a total 180. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

− Rachel N.